$46 Plastic Free Paint!

We’re spearheading a radical overhaul of the paint industry by changing the fundamental nature of paint. Durable, wipeable and safe to use, without costing the earth.
We believe the future is Radical.

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Countdown to launch !

What makes it Radical?

So glad you asked! Simply put, we’ve taken a traditional oil-based paint and modified it to remove the most harmful bits. This modification allows us to suspend the paint resin in water without having to add petroleum based plastic into it. The result is a paint that is low in VOCs (toxins), plastic-free, and as durable as an oil paint.

Surround yourself with positivity

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Happy Home

Cover your home with joy! Choose from our selection of carefully curated colours and order a sample to get started.

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Happy Planet

Zero plastic means our paint is 100% biodegradable making it the best paint to choose for the planet.

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Happy People

Durable, wipeable and low VOCs make this paint a pleasure to work with. Use it in your lounge, bathroom or even on furniture!

Only matt paint....why?

To keep our paint plastic free and 100% biodegradable it must be matt. It’s as simple as that. The only way, currently, to create a gloss finish is to add more chemicals into the mix.

But don’t you worry, our next mission is to find a way to add different finishes to paint in an eco-friendly way. So we’re asking you to join us and commit to matt… for the time being 🙂

Pure and Simple

We know how confusing it is out there in the world of painting and decorating.
We want to help you navigate it all by simplifying the process. Here’s how:
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Choose your colour
Choose from our carefully curated selection. If you’re feeling stuck why not try filtering by mood 😌
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Order a sample
We have hand painted cards, easy to post and only £1! or you can opt for a small sample tin if you prefer.
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Calculate full amount
Once you’ve found the one 😍 we have guidance on our product pages to help you buy the right amount.
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Get Painting!
Never painted before? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our easy to read paint application guide.
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Share the joy?
Ok, you don’t have to do this, 😋 but we’d really love to see what you get up to so please tag us @positivepaintco
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Chat with us
If you need any more help, guidance or support we love to talk so pick up the phone and chat with us.
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Coming Soon .... Colour consultancy

If you are struggling to find the right colours for your home, you will soon be able to book in with our friendly colour consultant for a virtual chat about your hopes and dreams for your perfect space or project.

Watch this space!

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