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What is Radical Plastic Free Paint?

Over the past 10 years, the science and technology involved in paint manufacturing has taken huge leaps forward. These advancements have enabled us to develop a truly innovative waterborne paint that is non-toxic, durable, easy to apply, and 100% free of synthetic plastics.. It’s also PVA and biocide free, as well as containing zero animal by-products.

What makes Radical Plastic Free Paint different?

Radical Paint is neither an oil paint nor a waterborne paint. It’s a sort of hybrid paint. We’ve taken a traditional oil based paint recipe and removed the most harmful bits. This modification allows us to suspend the paint in water without having to add petroleum-based synthetic plastics to the resin. The result is a paint that is low in VOCs (22g/L), free of synthetic plastics, waterborne, and as durable as an oil paint.  

Only natural materials go into our paint.

Radical is made of soya oil, titanium, water, talc and limestone minerals*. It contains no petrochemical (crude oil-derived) plastic resins, alcohols, synthetic ingredients, biocides or any other additional chemical additives.  It will not bio-accumulate.  In liquid form it is bio-degradable when diluted with water. 

Radical contains no compounds in applicable concentrations that are classified as hazardous to health or the environment or have been assigned a workplace exposure limit.  It is not cardiogenic, flammable, corrosive or irritating to the skin or eyes and there is no evidence of respiratory sensitisation.  It has not been tested on animals!  

If you are allergic to Soya, please do not use this product.

The difference between oil and waterborne paints

Oil-borne paints contain Alkyd resins which are synthetic polyester resins derived from various alcohols and fatty acids.  These resins are then suspended in thinners made from either alcohol or mineral spirts.  They have high VOC levels, high durability, and - because they are not subject to bacterial attack - do not need biocides or other chemicals.  While they touch-dry slowly, they cure quickly, which speeds up the evaporation process.       

Waterborne paints (acrylic, vinyl and latex being the most common) contain Acrylic polymer resins, which is a type of plastic known for its transparency, elasticity and resistance to breakage.  These plastic resins are mixed with fillers such as chalk and suspended in water. Many contain added chemicals to reduce odour and to protect against bacterial attack (mould loves plastic paint). They have lower VOC levels and reasonable durability. While they touch-dry quickly, they cure slowly, often taking a month or more. This slows down the evaporation process, meaning that these paints release their VOCs into the atmosphere for a longer period.

What can I paint with Radical Plastic Free Paint?

We designed our washable matt paint for multiple surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and wood. You can use it for painting bathrooms and kitchens, as well as furniture - perfect for those upcycling projects! 

Why no gloss?

To keep our paint plastic free and 100% biodegradable, it comes in just one finish - matt.

Currently, the only way to create a gloss finish is to add nasty chemicals into the mix. But don’t worry - our next mission is to find a way around this.

So, we’re asking you to join us and commit to matt… for the time being 🙂

Beautiful colours, zero guilt

We will soon launch an online virtual colour consultancy to help you with those tricky interior design decisions. Our services will include tinting, as well as 100% bespoke colour matching.  

We'll be updating our colour collection often to keep up with the latest trends, but our retired colours will always be available on request.  

Allow us to bring our beautiful colours and positivity into your world. We’ll keep you smiling, right to the bottom of the tin!

Join our mission, and help us to spread the word.


*Ingredients above 1% volume

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