About us

Our Business

The Positive Paint Company is a small business with a huge vision, and plenty of big-hearted ambition. Our primary mission is to eliminate plastics from paint.

Based in the tiny village of Winkleigh in Devon, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, the business has evolved from a sole-trading upcycling enterprise to a limited company in the space of 10 years.

Dedicated to changing the fundamental nature of paint to make it less harmful to our planet, we’ve repurposed old technology to develop a 100% plastic-free paint that is biodegradable, durable, beautiful, and easy to apply.

We offer this product as the first step on our journey to raise awareness about plastics in paint, and to transform current paint industry practices.

A Brave New Era For Paint

By keeping things simple, we allow ourselves the time to focus on doing the right things really well.

We believe our positivity, our determination, and our persistent efforts will bring forth an exciting, brave new era for paint as we know it.

One Product

Radical Plastic Free Paint

One Message

Plastic has no place in paint!

One Aim

To revolutionise
the paint industry.

One Vision

People love and care for the planet & co-exist harmoniously.

Rolling Pin paint in White with sample pot of Radical Plastic Free paint beside it.  Both on top of wooden pallet with autumn leaves

Our product... paint, positively changed

Struggling to find beautiful, plastic-free, planet-friendly paint? Your search stops here.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your principles when it comes to buying household paint. These days, there are so many brands claiming to be “eco-friendly,” just because they use water as the solvent. But they hardly ever tell you what their resins contain. That’s probably because most of them contain plastics.

Here at The Positive Paint Company, we like to do things differently.

Image courtesy of: Country Fayre Interiors, Radical 001 Just White

Our Journey

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