Green Mission

Radical Plastic Free Paint
Better for the planet
Better for your health

We know you care deeply about the environment, as well as your family’s health. We do too.
We also know that most of the paint on the market today contains plastic -
even many which claim to be eco-friendly.
Worst of all, very few people are aware of this, which is why most of us continue to buy acrylic paint.

Here at the Positive Paint Company
our mission is threefold

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To raise awarenss of thh fact that most household paint on the market contaains syntethic plastic resins.

To raise awareness of the fact that most household paint on the market contains synthetic plastic resins.
To transform paint as we know it - by making our own paint 100% plastic free.
To put pressure on the large paint manufacturers to eliminate synthetic plastic from their paints.

A Better, Cleaner, Greener Paint

To make our paint, we strip out all the plastics, reduce the VOCs, and replace petrochemicals and crude oils with natural minerals such as limestone and soya oils -
all without compromising the quality of the product.

Join Us In Our Mission

We’re passionate about revolutionising the paint industry, to make plastic-free paint the new normal. We also feel strongly that everyone should have affordable access to paint that protects the planet.

If enough of us demand plastic-free paint and stop buying latex paint, we’ll force the bigger manufacturers to sit up and take notice. They’ll have no choice but to remove the plastics from their paints, too. And when they do this, the prices will drop so that everyone can afford to do their bit for the environment and protect the health of those they love.

So, let’s make a noise on social media, and let’s all boycott plastic paint completely.
Together, we can make the impact necessary to revolutionise the paint industry.

Paint Positively Changed

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Low VOCs

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Plastic Free

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Vinyl & PVA Free

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Radical Plastic Free Paint with 3 multi coloured waves on a white label displayed on a deep blue background

Plastic has no place in paint!

Our mission motivates us to continue researching and experimenting with innovative paint manufacturing methods.

If you know of any other paint that is durable, has low VOCs and is plastic free, please contact us. We want to collaborate to get this very important message out there.

Plastic-free packing

Plastic has no place in our paint or our packing materials! We are proud that every single item of our packaging is 100% plastic free, 100% recyclable, and 100% biodegradable, with all materials coming from sustainable sources - right the way down to the clear sticky tape!

To deliver Radical Plastic Free Paint to your doorstep safely and securely, we wrap it in a compostable, sealable, leak-proof corn starch bag, which we place inside a cardboard box.

The box contains protective fillers, which are made from recycled paper and cardboard sourced from sustainable Forestry Commission woodlands.
A plain cardboard packing box on the floor
An areophane flying low over a wall of  blue and rust metal cargo containers

Our carbon footprint

It’s very important to us to make sure we minimise our carbon footprint.

We don’t need long-haul flights or long distance road hauliers to produce and deliver our paint. It’s manufactured and distributed right here where we are based, in the South West of England, UK.

On The Horizon

With our plastic-free paint ready to go, we are now turning our focus to
other ways we can positively influence the paint industry.

Our next project involves looking at how we might achieve a glossy finish without adding plastic.
We are also exploring the idea of a plastic-free varnish and stain blocker.
These ideas are already in the hands of our chemist, so watch this space!

"Plastic is a miracle product, but it has absolutely no place in paint!"
Lorie Randall MBA, Founder

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