Lorie is driven, focused and tenacious... (she) is committed to changing the paint sector with a disruptive technology capable of making paint much more environmentally acceptable.

"My name is Dr Roger Wise, and I am the director of Ultrawise Innovation Ltd which is a consulting company, working to support industry in finding joining solutions for products made from thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites. This includes welding, adhesive bonding and mechanical fastening of thermoplastic parts, and joints between thermoplastics and other materials such as metals. The tools developed to achieve these joints can also be used to develop technology for product manufacture, design of products for disassembly at end of life (by building in key stone features which can be triggered at the end of life), and material recycling technologies for thermoplastics.      

As more and more single use plastics are being designed out of consumer applications, the scope for materials and products which can recycled is increasing so that plastics can be used more responsibly following principles of circular economy. The vision and principles of designing products for modular development (eliminating waste but also allowing for upgrades), for disassembly at end of life, and for recycling, are slowly coming to fruition in Western Europe, following examples from Japan where landfill space was exhausted in the 1980s.

I first met Lorie in 1999 when she was in the process of radically changing how waste from electronic and electrical equipment is managed and had just established a not-for-profit Environmental Origination known as DARP Environmental Ltd.  

At that time Lorie and DARP were facing issues with being a visionary first mover in the UK, including: limited funding opportunities to develop ideas and technology, an embryonic legislative framework, and lack of any commercial infrastructure which would have enabled UK industry support.

The ideas put forward by DARP were ahead of their time, and, driven by EU Legislation, that vision is now a reality in the electronics and other sectors.

Lorie is driven, focused and tenacious. Now armed with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, which has given her an even stronger understanding of relevant commercial drivers at play in the recycling sector, Lorie is committed to changing the paint sector with a disruptive technology capable of making paint much more environmentally acceptable.

This technology promises to deliver a very important step in the greening of the paint sector, which even if only partially successful in the short term, will stimulate further development towards products with much reduced environmental impact. The size of the paint sector is so large that any improvement will represent a very considerable environmental gain. I eagerly anticipate the impact that The Positive Paint Company will make on this sector."

Dr Roger Wise - Founding Director of Ultrawise Innovation Ltd.